This page is devoted to the Pathfinder Range, (which has recently come to the end of its run with the issue of the final model, PFM36 AC 2 Litre Saloon) and other models produced by Pathfinder Models for others, such as G. W. Engineering, and Minicar 43, and I have now managed, at last, to put all the standard Pathfinder range on the site, including both colour schemes. The Minicar43 range is not yet fully complete, but this will be rectified in time. All the individual models are there however, with the exception of the Ford Anglia Estate.

It is anticipated that there will be an increased interest in this collectable range, and so we have produced what is intended to be a guide to the models produced by Pathfinder, not only to help collectors to know which models were produced, but also to give a guide to what is considered to be a fair price. Whilst we have relied on our own experiences of what to charge for these little gems, as well as asking other dealers, it should be pointed out that these prices may vary from dealer to dealer, particularly when VAT is also charged. In addition, due to market trends, and collecting fashions, these prices can be subject to variations in either direction, and whilst we will try to keep abreast of these trends, the quoted prices are only intended to be a guide and nothing else. However, we do hope this page will prove to be an invaluable guide to all collectors.

Please note, that apart from a few of the more recent releases, none of the models featured here are currently in stock at Spa Croft Models, although occasionally, we are able to obtain them.

Please let me know if you have any comments on this site


Jensen 541R.JPG (20151 bytes) Rover 90 P4.JPG (20362 bytes) Bristol 401.JPG (20346 bytes)
£120 - £125 £150 £135 - £150
Jowett Javelin 4.JPG (22321 bytes) Reliant Scimitar GTR.JPG (20770 bytes) Vauxhall Cresta PA.JPG (21682 bytes)
£150 - £175 £135 - £150 £175 - £195
Wolseley 6.80.jpg (21134 bytes) Ford Capri.jpg (21739 bytes) Daimler SP250.jpg (20634 bytes)
£150 - £200 £110 - £125 £125 - £135
Jensen CV8.JPG (22425 bytes) Standard 10.JPG (22450 bytes) Morris Oxford Series VI.JPG (21540 bytes)
£95 - £110 £95 - £110 £95 - £110
Armstrong Siddely Star Sapphire.JPG (23274 bytes) Riley 1.5 A.JPG (22154 bytes) Sunbeam Rapier.JPG (21859 bytes)
£135 - £150 £95 - £110 £135 - £150
Austin A70 Hereford.JPG (21321 bytes) Hillman Super minx.JPG (21145 bytes) Jowett Jupiter.JPG (21411 bytes)
£95 - £110 £95 - £110 £110 - £125
Austin A40 Devon.JPG (19900 bytes) Morris Oxford Series II.JPG (18936 bytes) Hunger Hawk MkIV.JPG (19105 bytes)
£90 - £95 £90 - £95 £90 - £95
Mmmar.JPG (20384 bytes) Fbpink.JPG (15421 bytes) Daimagf.JPG (19290 bytes)
£125 £95 £85
Moremar.JPG (14171 bytes) Vxpfmm.JPG (15876 bytes) T2000gr.JPG (16508 bytes)
£125 £95 £85
Lnch10gy.JPG (14756 bytes) A40fargn.JPG (14124 bytes) W444gy.JPG (15657 bytes)
£70-£75 £75-£85 £75
Zziiitq.JPG (15197 bytes) A55bl.JPG (15516 bytes) Raptq.JPG (16486 bytes)
£70-£80 £70-£80 £85-£100
Viva.JPG (14497 bytes) Hunter.JPG (15167 bytes) Ac.JPG (15874 bytes)
£80-£90 £80-£85 £80-£85


The following models were commissioned by G. W. Engineering in Yorkshire, and whose Managing Director, the late Denis Wheatley, was a keen and enthusiastic collector of model cars. Produced by Pathfinder Models, and in smaller numbers than those in the  standard range, they were based on certain models in that range, but with significant variations. These "specials" are generally more collectable than the models in the standard range, mainly because of their relative scarcity.


Paest.JPG (15632 bytes) Stpen.JPG (15167 bytes) Singv.JPG (16234 bytes)
£200 £125 £135-£150
Morrmm.JPG (13286 bytes) Suggested fair prices for the G. W. Engineering commissioned models will appear here shortly. Mor8.JPG (10977 bytes)
£125   £150-£175


The following models were made by Pathfinder Models for Minicar 43, a Norwegian company dealing in model cars. For the main part, they were all models of Ford cars.


Fdcort.JPG (11175 bytes) Fdconcl.JPG (11338 bytes) Fdcors.JPG (12180 bytes)
£95-£200 £100-£125 £95-£125
Fdang.JPG (15132 bytes) Fdcort1.JPG (14329 bytes) Fdzeph4.JPG (10793 bytes)
£95-£125 £95 £60-£175


Not all the colours which were available in the Minicar 43 range are illustrated here. With the exception of the Ford Cortina Mk.I and the Ford Zephyr Mk.IV, a further model was available for each of the models shown, in a different colour and in left hand drive form, with Norwegian plates. In the case of the Zephyr, the alternative version was an English Police Car in white. A Ford Anglia Estate was also available. An illustration will appear once an example for photographing is to hand.

The most sought after model produced by Pathfinder is the Rover 3.5 litre coupé which was commissioned by Minor Motor Car of Amsterdam. It was produced in three different colours, with one version being left hand drive. Two of these models are shown below. The other will appear once a sample can be sourced.


Rov3lgn.JPG (9510 bytes) Rov3l1.JPG (10100 bytes) The third Rover, grey,  will appear here
£500 (75 made) £500 (150 made) £500 (75 made)
In addition to the models listed above, Pathfinder produced a range of continental models known as Continental Classics. As with the corresponding range of English cars, two colour versions of each model was produced. Unlike Pathfinder Models, this range was not popular and only three models were produced; Facel Vega, Borward Isabella Coupé and Renault Dauphine. A range of commercial vehicles was also proposed, but after the initial release, a Morris J Van, was discontinued.